Stop OHV Damage in Inyo County !

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In Inyo County, illegal use by Off-highway vehicles is causing damage to the land and the many creatures who live there. Data collected by this website during 2020 and 2021 was used to produce an extensive report on those damages. The report can be seen by opening this link (on some computers this will require right clicking "open in a new tab"):

Off-Highway Vehicle Impacts in Inyo County, CA

We are continuing to collect data!  So ...... if you see evidence of any vehicle trespass or damaged terrain, fill out the form to the right and push the SUBMIT button. If you have pictures, or gpx files (much appreciated by our data processors!) fill out the form, then also send .jpegs or .gpx files directly to:


Please, be as accurate as possible. Thank you for your help, it is making a difference.

The information you submit may be forwarded to:

  • BLM OHV restoration crews
  • USFS Patrol officers
  • Inyo County Sheriff, CHP, BishopPD
  • members of the Board of Supervisors

***Please also call Lt. Jared Sparks, Inyo County Sheriff to report illegal vehicle traffic on County Roads and DWP lands: 760-878-0325


OHV on a city or county road.
Unlicensed motorcycle (dirtbike) on a city or county road.
Cross country OHV damage to soils, vegetation, wetlands or private property.
Cross country motorcycle damage to soils, vegetation, wetlands or private property.